Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Independence Day!!!

Happy 4th of July!  Love this day!  It is so fantastic to celebrate in Blanding with all the people who truly love this country.  It's a day full of fun parade sweatiness, cousins, pop-cycles, junk food and fireworks!

We have the best cousins that help out with little ones.  I am so grateful for them. 

The striped shirts weren't even planned but great minds think alike!!  After the parade and a short nap for the littles, we hit up the Dinosaur Museum.  And, yes, we do have one of those in Blanding.  I had never been but it was kinda awesome!  Great exhibits and Coy was in heaven.  

A few weeks prior to the 4th I decided that the kids would have fun selling glow bracelets.  I figured they could save their money for when we go on our Lyman family vacay in a few weeks.  I really think the kids had fun, but as it was getting dark, business boomed and a very helpful Dad and Grandpa came to the rescue and helped until the kids were sold out!  They made a bunch of money and all were really excited about it.  Livvy wasn't too happy when I made them pay me back the money I put into it to buy them in the first place.  It was cool to show them cost vs. profit.  I am so grateful for this country and the opportunities it provides.  #fightagainstcommoncore #plug
It was also fun to have Jeff and Dawnya stay with us for the weekend with the 6 kids.  They were so fun and my kids loved them.  Coy especially latched onto Kaleb.  What good kids.  I am so glad Jeff and Dawnya found each other!

One last thing to mention on the weekend of the 4th, was Jeremy had his 20 year reunion.  Holy crap!!  He is old!

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