Saturday, July 13, 2013

Walk-Trot Rodeo

Kristi called me up to tell me about this walk-trot rodeo for Livvy. My first instinct was "NOOO!!!" But Livvy is so darn cute in her love for horses and riding that I could never turn that down, especially when she has an awesome, awesome Aunt who does "the hard work."  I am so grateful for Kristi and all she does to help Livvy with this hobby.  Kristi sprained her wrist when moving horses and never complained once!  She is the true cowgirl.  Kristi picked up Livvy and Averie all week to go practice the barrels and poles. 
I am not going to lie, it was hot.  SOOO hot!! AND it was sooo LONG! AND we got caught in a HUGE dust storm that lasted about 30 seconds, but was real intense with Cohen screaming why didn't we check the weather report, while holding onto me for dear life!  I was so worried with Livvy on the horse in the arena.  Only one horse freaked out, but no kids were hurt and they all handled it real well by hunkering down.
There was one part where Olivia had to walk to a fence, undo the rope, walk through it and latch it back up.  She did awesome!!!  She was the only one in her group to do it.  Most credit goes to the horse Trigger. 

Livvy got first place overall in the events.  She was real happy to have a horse trophy.  Good day.

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