Monday, July 8, 2013

Girls Camp 2013

We seriously had so much fun at this year's girls camp!! Our theme was "Brave". Our song was Strong and Courageous by Jenny Phillips. It was completely perfect. One part of the song says, "We will not be afraid. To walk in the Saviors way..." and I have thought about that every day since camp. Our youth are amazingly strong and brave and I am so proud of them!! Trisha had us all make these bows and arrows. It was a super cute idea and you better believe that they could shoot! We went on a hike and "shot" at targets of the good choices that we make in life. I was so lucky that Jeremy could come down and spend girls camp with me.  He helped so much.  But I couldn't have done it without Candice taking good care of my kids and helping me get the cabin ready for all my girls.  Thank you so so much!

We spent quite a bit of time down at the lake.  Some fished, sunbathed, and the brave jumped in the cold water! 

Our Friday night devotional we blindfolded the girls and brought them up the hill from the cabin.  It was silent.  We hung rope in an obstacle course and the girls were told to "hold to the rod" no matter what.  Along they way they received encouragement from the Holy Ghost reminding them to hold on tight.  During a hard part in the course, Satan aka Jeremy tried to convince the girls that if they let go for a moment and then grabbed back on it would be easier.  Many girls thought about it and then decided not to and held the rope even tighter.  It was a hard course, just like life.  Even at the end when we told them to let go some wouldn't.  Love these girls! 

Movie night!  We hung a sheet and watched the movie Brave with a ton of popcorn and chips and salsa.  Seriously we had a TON of food!  I kinda like it! 
There may or may not have been some mis-haps during camp days.  Many tricks have been played and their have been many late late nights with tons of laughter.

Our volunteer work was to go clear out a water culvert that got flooded last fall.  There was all kinds of heavy garbage that was covered in mud.  The girls worked HARD to clear it.  It was awesome.
Of course, you can't forget the craft necklaces.  It's amazing how one craft can turn out in hundreds of different ways depending on which girl is painting them!

Many girls couldn't make it but we sure missed them and had so much fun.
Mia Maids

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