Monday, July 8, 2013

Memorial Weekend

All these cute kiddos got to spend good quality time over the memorial weekend. Bran and Alyson came down Friday afternoon and stayed till Monday.  But it still wasn't enough time.  Usually we do a ton of projects, but we were kinda laid back with weekend.  Alyson made a skirt and I got some much needed projects finished up and pretty much Brandalyn just helped us.  Add to that some blogging time and having fun and that pretty much summed up our weekend!

We did get out to Dry Wash to look for animals and stop by the water.  The kids loved it and found many teeny-tiny shells that they added to their "collections."

Jeremy took the older girls out to the Colorado cabin for the day. They had so much fun up there.

We all finished off Memorial weekend by visiting the Snow Shack! YUM!

 It was super fun.  One day we will figure out the mystery person who emptied all of Jeremy's 3 big bottles of product down the drain.  Because I can tell you for certain, it was none of these darling faces!!!  #missthemalready

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