Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Off to Arizona!

I know I always say this, but it is so true. It is so stressful to leave anywhere with little people!! I think I often secretly decided that I was going to bail on the trip. But once you get in the car driving away, it is worth it. Till you get home and have to do the laundry.   It was sooo good to be with my sisters (Lori is not in this pic but she should be.)  It just feels so normal and good.  I love love them and miss them so much.
We spent lots of time in my mom's awesome pool.  Livvy loved being in the pool especially.  So did my mom's dog Bailey.  The kids loved this gentle beast.  She let Mason crawl, pull, head butt, and do everything else annoying over her without so much as a twitch. 

Lola and Tayslee loved following Olivia around, holding her hand and doing what they wanted to do.

Coy pretty much didn't leave the shallow end for the week.  Kingston and Cohen played so well and were excited to spend time together.  He is such a cute little guy and we miss him!!

We decided to hit up the zoo later in the day so we wouldn't melt in the heat.  Turns out we pretty much did melt in the heat, but we had fun.  We just walked around and the kids were happy with their maps of the animals. 

Everyone was so burned out from the sun.  Olivia couldn't even keep her eyes open anymore and I had to pretty much carry her out of there but not before Nana bought everyone a treat. 
We tried to get a pic of all of the kiddos, but it was a long day...

I am so grateful to my Mom, Benita, and Jolynne for watching my kids while I went on to Hawaii!!  They took them to bounce houses, candy stores, movies and more.  Thank you, Thank you!

I heard McCoy got lost for a moment.  Why does this surprise me?!  He needs some kind a of leash.  I lose this kid more times than I can count!!

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