Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mason 15 Months!!

Oh my, the cutest critter!  His facial expressions are the BEST!  He has so many!  He is also into the stage where he likes to wear his food!  This drives me nuts-o but he is so freaking cute even with pizza all over!
It is so much easier to crawl than walk!  When you walk you have to fight balance, which lets be honest, he didn't inherit from Jeremy or me.  (Have you seen us Yoga?  Not pretty.)  Plus with the whirlwind of people who always walk by, they always seem to bump him and then he is back down on the ground.  Although it does pose the problem of being outside and crawling on weird grass and pokey rocks.  BUT I am happy to report he is full time walking now!  He is the cutest little thing.  Still at 17 pounds but with a personality to boot! 
My best little eater.  He loves all food, but when he is done you will be sure to find his tray and all his food on the floor. Always.  Grrr!!  Teething has been less than enjoyable for this little guy. It is so sad to watch him in pain.  I was sure many times that he had ear infections and would take him in to the Dr.  After 3 in a row of negative ear infections, I think the Dr. thinks I am pretty crazy.  The Dr actually told me to call him before I took him in again and he would check him.  (One of the perks of living in B town.)
Mason loves his Zebra.  He plays on it all day long.  He brings so much happiness into our home and we love him so much!  He loves to be outside and would stay out there all day if we would let him.  He hates to cuddle with me even when I try to make him.  There is so much for him to see and do.  Like Coy, he loves animals and yells, "ooooo" at every animal he sees.  I love you Masey-Moo!

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