Monday, September 9, 2013

Lyman Family VACAY!!

This Lyman Family vacation was so so much fun. I am so grateful to Jed and Candice for making this happen because I am sure it was NO small task. The memories that we will have of straight up family fun are priceless.  We all headed to an awesome house in Salt Lake big enough to fit all of us PLUS a pool!  With rain on the horizon at every activity we still managed to do everything we wanted.  We met up together Thursday night and all got settled, ate and swam. 
On Friday we hit the Zoo.  My kids love the zoo so the were so excited.  There was an exhibit there with giant size Legos.  Cohen was super excited about it!

Mason and I loved the Giraffes.  They are such a cool animal!

Mason was so excited to be out of the stroller and be somewhat independent. 

Coy loves to have his picture taken.  He was constantly posing and asking for a shot!  Such a cute lil' guy!

You can't turn down an Icee especially when it gets soo hot!!  (And yes, he has green nail polish.  That's just what happens when you have more boy cousins than girls!  Thanks Camryn!)

Friday I didn't dare to take my camera to Lagoon.  It was a fun day.  Lots of rides, lots of Icee's and lots of laughter.  We had such an awesome time with everyone no matter what we did.  Thank you, thank you Grandpa and Grandma!!

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