Monday, September 9, 2013

A week in Cedar Hills AND Soccer Camp!!

Such a fun busy week! After everyone went home from the family vacay we headed to Noelle's for another week of fun!  I swore last year that I wouldn't do the week thing alone again but I did, and it was crazy and hectic and occasionally stressful but well worth it.  Olivia didn't want to be left out of soccer camp this year and neither did Scout.  So the four of them went! 

 By Sunday afternoon we were sick of seeing this all to familiar scene on the ipad.  Trent told them it was the last day they would be on it all week!  They did really good and played a lot!  Sometimes moments were hard, but they pretty much made it. 

The coaches were from Ireland and were so awesome with the kids.  They played from 8 to 10 am all week.  

I was super proud of Livvy for a couple of reasons.  The first one being that she decided to try a sport.  She decided she didn't like it to much but she never complained one time about going.  The second was that she went all by herself.  She knew no one and was an hour longer than the younger team.  She did AWESOME!  I never saw her sit, or give it a half effort.  She gave it her all.  She played from 8 to 11 everyday. 
This was Olivia's coach, Tony.  They were cool guys and made the kids laugh.  They gave them assignments to make a team flag, crazy hair day, and joke day.  If you were brave enough you could stand up and tell a joke.  If no one laughed at your joke then the coach would kick the ball and you would have to run as fast as you could to bring it back in.  Livvy was brave and told a joke.  (She had to run after the ball.)  ha ha. 

Back at home (Noelle's house) Coy felt pretty left out, wishing he could be a big kid, but they found plenty of things to do.  Mason just loved to be outside on the little bike.  He and Denver just took lots of turns.  It was so freaking cute! 
Coy found a donkey tail that he wanted Mason to wear.  It was pretty funny until I found out that he put it on me for half the day! 
We spent lot of time with Brandalyn and Alyson.  I love these girls.  They always make me feel right at home like I never left!!  We went to the movie Epic and my little buddy Mason did not make it 5 minutes, so we ended up hanging out and running some errands.

Scout and Livvy played the whole week.  They also did so much together.  CUTIES!!
One afternoon we met up with Shannon and Becca.  I LOVE THEM!  I still think one of the pairs will get married someday.  The kids had a late over and Becca treated our kids so great.  They love her and she loves them.  It shows. 

I think when all was said and done, Maxon and Cohen spent 10 days together and they did amazing.  These two are such great buddies.  Cohen said on the way home that he was really going to miss Maxon.  Me too.
The whole gang went to the dinosaur museum too.  It was CROWDED!  Luckily we didn't lose any kids.  They played a long time in the Dino sand/water except for my Cohen and Mason.  Cohen doesn't like his hands in the "muck" so we had to head on without them.  As the others caught up with us, Mason was screaming so bad and not himself at all.  The girls told me to run to the Dr and they would take care of my kids, so off I went.  Did I mention I LOVE THEM?  Sure enough Mason did have 2 bad ear infections.  By the time the DR visit was over I was running to Dawnya and Jeff's wedding!!!

Jeff and Dawnya's wedding was so amazing.  I am glad we got to be part of it.  The decorations were darling and the couple couldn't be cuter!

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