Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Mason Visitors

I don't think I could have been more happy than to see my 3 kids walk in to meet their new brother.  They were all in love.  Livvy took charge of holding him, of course. 

McCoy bounced in the room and saw the baby and just stared at him.  Then while pointing asked, "Is that your baby?  Did he come out?"  Yes.  "Oh, my baby isn't out yet."  I nodded.  Love that little guy!  Coy held Mason for half a second and then was done.  He was more interested in the surroundings.

Cohen was adorable too.  He kept saying, "Your baby is cuuuttteee!" with his big Cohen smile.

Olivia never wanted to leave.  She stayed with me for hours and held the baby and cuddled.  It was so amazing.  She is so sweet. 

Tiff was my first visitor.  She was amazing.  I was so emotional and worn out and she just helped me by being there.  I am so happy we became friends.  She has one of the most tender hearts you will ever find.  A week earlier I asked her for a recipe that she had for muffins.  By the next day she had a container in my fridge made of the muffin mix that I could bake fresh muffins every morning.  Love her!!

Grandma and Grandpa came and brought Cam and Scout. Cam returned later and brought her mom!  Loved that.  Cam loves babies and is such a great fun cousin!

Seriously this was the cutest thing.  Scout gave the baby a kiss and I wanted a picture so I told her to "hold her kiss."  Well... she did!  She was holding her kiss with her hands.  Sooo cute!
Kathryn came the next afternoon.  It is fun having friends visit.  Kathryn has helped me out so much!  She had driven Livvy pretty much everywhere for the past couple of weeks and kept her playing at her house pretty much everyday.  I don't know what I'd do without her!  She just had a new baby 6 weeks earlier and now Wyatt and Mason can be buddies!

Holly came the following Saturday and spent the day with us.  My kids just love her and they played all day.  Next time the visit has to be longer!!  Marilyn also came down to see the baby and to bring bunnies to Candice for Mother's Day!

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