Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mason Randomness

Little Mason..  We are glad to have at home!  He is 3 weeks here.  6.4 lbs.  Not quite up to birth weight yet but we are working on it.  I swear he looks different everyday!!
It has been crazy around the Lyman household getting adjusted to the new baby.  I am pretty sure it will take a while to fully adjust but we sure love our new addition.  I wanted to post the randomness that has been going on.

Jeremy works at the hospital where I delivered him.  He thought it was great because he could go to his office and work and then come see me.  I however, did NOT think that was so great.  Since when can you leave your wife in labor to run to the office for a "sec."  He only did it once.  He chose to stay with me! :)

J got Mace all ready to come home.  They are always so little to fit in such a big seat!

I finally got ready on Sunday.  Jeremy's dad was speaking in Stake Conference and I sneaked in the back and listened and then sneaked out again.  It felt sooo good to get out.  I did change back into sweats though.  Lately sweats are my best friend.

Love this pic with Dad.

First time Mason was alert but I couldn't get him to look at me.  Tons of dark hair but I am pretty sure I see it turning blond.  His blue eyes are coming through too.

 I gave Mace a bath for the first time.. He is so tiny he just used a washcloth as a blanket with room to spar.

 This was one of Mace's first pictures.  He has a clogged tear duct and still does.  Drives me nuts!  Hopefully it clears up soon so he can see!

Most of the time you will find me this way.  He likes to lay on me and it seems like it's the best way to calm him down.  He is pretty fussy and likes to be held.  So that is my excuse!

Livvy helps tend him during his colic hours at night.  She likes to cuddle with him and pretend he is her own.  She made a bed for him using her American Girl Doll bed.  It was super cute. She will make one fantastic mommy.

Livvy does her reading while she cuddles.  Her Aunt Mary recommend the Junie B books and Livvy loves them.  I think Mason does too!

Cohen is already teaching Mason how to roar like a dinosaur.  The boys just adore him.  Cohen thinks it's great to be the biggest of all the boys (that is since he can't be the oldest kid.)

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