Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Break Part 2

When we got home from Cedar Hills it was good to see the boys! I very quickly figured out that I didn't want to hang out in Blanding the rest of the week because Jeremy had so much work to do that he was going to be at the office until midnight every night. With not much pushing from Benita, I loaded up the kids and set off. It was a little further than I had remembered, but we finally made it and the weather was amazing! Livvy kept making comments like, "I can't believe people live in this heat!" (It wasn't even very HOT! lol)

We played and played and swam and swam.  It was very fun.  We spent most of the time at Nana's house with Lori and then we headed to Benita's for the last night. 

The kids didn't forget to make the leprechaun trap.  Livvy thought for sure she was going to catch it this year but that sucker got away with her money.  He did leave some treats and messes though.

B and I went to fill up on gas and the cashier noticed we weren't wearing any green.  I completely forgot about the green and she was nice enough to give us a necklace so we wouldn't get pinched!

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