Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mason 11 Months

Mason is almost ONE! So crazy. He is just a little cutie pie. His personality is showing more and more. His curiosity is kicking in and I love watching him figure things out!

This was the last time I put him in the baby swing.  He is obviously too big for it but I had to do it before I packed the swing away.  He still fell asleep at the rocking.

Mason's comings and goings:

-Mace is the best eater!  He will pretty much eat anything you give him which I LOVE! He absolutely loves the Plum Organics meals that come in a little pouch that he can just suck right out.  He starts dancing whenever you show him one.
-He treats the changing table like a torture chamber.  He will be happy and smiling, then you lay him down and he SCREAMS.  You can lay him on the floor and is just fine.
-Sleeps till 10 just about every day.  Even till noon on occasion.  His bedtime is 8.
-Started waving at 9 months but now he wont do it when I want him to.  He just tells me no by shaking his head.
-Says Mama and Dada when he wants to,
-Started crawling forward!!!  Now he is mobile and goes all over.  It's so cute.

 Mason started taking the bottle well. He cries cause he wants it sooo bad whenever he sees it.

 Naughty little Mason climbs!  He is not content with just sitting any more.  A few days ago, for the first time ever I walked in the room with him standing in front of the DVD player throwing the DVDs on the ground.  I think we are in for it!  I secretly like it!  Makes me happy he is turning into a little person.


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