Sunday, April 28, 2013

Recapture Easter Picnic

Most years we go out to Recapture Pockets and celebrate Easter with an egg hunt and picnic. We really never know what the weather is going to be like but this year it was HOT! Well, not H.O.T. just warm hot. But definitely warmer than we have seen for months! Jeremy made fried chicken and it was gooood! We all decided to hit up Subway on our way out of town so we didn't have to bring sooo much stuff. It was a good choice but we still brought sooo much stuff! The kids had so much fun hiking around and trying to catch some lizards.  Those things are fast!! 

Mason and Palmer enjoyed the dirt.  Palmer sported her new sunglasses.

The boy crew.
I am quite sure we found eggs that were hidden last year and I am quite sure we left some eggs to find next year. 

We all took 4 wheeler rides and chatted, some volleyball was played, and all of us had a great time.

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