Monday, June 25, 2012

First Grade Finished!!!

This is Olivia's 1st Grade picture.  Had I had known that they were going to showcase her shoes instead of just a close face shot I would have chosen better jeans and shoes!!  Oh my goodness!  BUT good thing she is beautiful no matter what her clothes look like!!!!  (P.S. Note to self:  On picture day - dress head to toe!)

What a great 1st Grade year Olivia had!  She had an amazing teacher and Olivia just excelled.  She loved Mrs. Brewer and Mrs. Brewer loved her.  Olivia would come home from school and tell me all about the new things she learned about her teacher.  I would always ask, "But did you learn anything else?"  She would say no.  It was evident that she did though.  Her grades were high and she loved going to school.  What more could a mom ask for??  For the end of the year gift I asked Olivia what she wanted to give her teacher.  She spent a few days thinking about it and she told me a whole lot of pencils because the kids were always running off with them!  So that is what she got!  A WHOLE LOT of pencils!

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