Monday, June 25, 2012

Benita + Horse show = fun

 I was so excited for Benita to come visit.  She is one of the most chill people I hang around.  It is just a bonus that she is my sis.  It was soo soo fun to have her here and of course my kids loved it.  J was out of town when B came down to hold Baby M in person.  Things are kinda crazy with four and you know what she helped me do?  She helped me clean all my blinds one by one.  LOVE HER!!!!!!  Who does that?  B does.  She also helped me with kids, chores and we spent the day at Olivia's horse show.  It was very fun to have her here.
 The day started out cool and rainy. But quickly turned HOT!  (Notice Benita's sunburn?)  Look at these cute cousin cowpeople!

 Averie rode Chiquita. She did awesome!

 Even Cohen decided to mount up.
 Livvy rode Tex.  She did amazing!  It was so hot and she didn't complain once.  At one point the judges said they didn't need to wear their long sleeve button shirts anymore and Livvy was going to take her shirt off until she realized that she was just wearing a tank top.  She decided to keep her shirt on because she wanted to be modest!  Love that girl.  HA HA!  She has listened to one too many YW lessons of mine.  So proud of her.
 Baby M did great. Although he was a million degrees on me!  It was a long, tiring day.  I put a very tired Olivia to bed.  She could barely stand up.  That is my most favorite thing.  She loved it. 

 Sunday afternoon Benita was going home.  We were all sad...including McCoy.  He would not get out of her car.  He was convinced that Benita had a room set up to live there.  Thanks Benita for all you do!

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