Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lake Powell

No crazy amount of wind was going to keep me from going to Lake Powell to meet up with my friends! Although it should have. I have a new baby! DUH!! I was panicking a little on the speed boat as we were getting hit with some waves.  It probably wasn't a good idea since I didn't have a life jacket for my baby, but I said a little prayer and we made it safely across the water to the houseboat! It was so worth it!  We had so much fun for the few hours we were there and of course the weather calmed down.  Love this group of little people although they have grown up so much since I have seen them last!!

Anastyn loved on Mason.  It was cute and proof that she will make a good big sister...someday!!!

Although the wind died down it was still pretty cold, but that didn't deter the girls from getting in the water!

We always have so much fun laughing and playing together. 

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The Milligan Blog said...

Wish I was there too!!! Love you girls to death :)