Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cohen's Soccer Camp

Meet Sonny.  He's from Ireland and has a fantastic accent.  I mean a REALLY fantastic accent!!  He was so super nice and Maxon and Cohen had fun.  Well... if you call Maxon losing his front tooth and Cohen wanting to come home sooner than it was over... BUT really, they did have so much fun!  I was impressed by the way the camp was run.  It was well worth it!   There were 4 teams in their camp and each was a different country.  Cohen's team was Spain.  They would begin with playing games and end with a game against another team.  At the end of each game the coach would line the kids up and have the winning team stand up so everyone could clap.  Then we would have an individual stand up to get personal recognition.  Cohen scored so the coach had him stand and everyone clap for him.  It made him want to score more.  I think it is great to recognize the kids like that.  On the contrast they would have "Sarah" stand up and say if it wasn't for Sarah the other team would have scored more goals!  Then they would cheer for her. 

All in all, I would definitely go up for another week so Cohen could do another session.  He learned a lot and is really good at soccer!

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