Monday, February 13, 2012

Blanding 1 year

Its been a year now since I have moved South to a tiny town called Blanding.  I can remember Feb 6, 2011 as clear as yesterday.  I am not even going to lie a little bit.  It was hard.  I watched as one of my best friends walked with tears to her car, and I left my sisters on the lawn with tears and I pretty much cried all the way down.  It wasn't the place I was sad about, but the people I was leaving behind.

Blanding is a different kind of place, but I felt loved from the second I got here.  I feel like no matter where you move there is an adjustment period you have to get through.  If anyone asked how I liked it here, I would give some response such as "give me a year."  Now that the year is up I feel more at home but I think I need another year to give any definite opinions.  Here's what I do know:

1. No matter what town you are in, your friends and family will always be there.
2. I have had to hit the brakes for a skunk...twice.
3. Many more opportunities to eat the best rolls known to man, made by Grandma Lyman
4. When you meet a friend, you meet her sisters...brothers....mothers....grandmothers.....
5. When you are introduced or meet people, you are known by who you belong to.
6. The YW talk about cows and horses more than I have talked about them in my life.
7. Keeping Olivia's clothes out of the mud and free from holes is NOT possible.
8. If you drive to Monticello in less than 17 minutes and tell people, they know you were speeding.
9. Salt Lake is a vacation spot.
10. When driving on the highway at night you MUST watch for deer and Mountain Lions!
11. Everyone and their dog owns a dog.
12. You might know everyone you see when you go to the grocery store.
13. On Friday night, it is considered a date to attend the HS Football game.
14. The nearest Walmart is an hour and twenty away.
15. If you want to do a craft, plan it a month in advance.
16. Most of your FB posts ask if someone is either leaving or coming into town.
17. You rely on family and they become your best friends.
18. Your husband comes home for lunch cause he works 5 minutes away.
19. During any holiday you either have a TON of people here or it's a ghost town.
20. It is easy to find people you are looking for, especially youth!
21. Everyone cares and watches out for their neighbors.
22.Say good-bye to clean socks!
23. Livvy can have a pig in Blanding.
24. Figured out my boys are more city than I thought.
25. It was an answer to our prayers to move to Blanding, and I am grateful everyday.


Alyson Bailey said...

What a great post. You have adjusted to being there so nicely, event though we miss you terribly. Change is hard, there is no way around that, but I am glad you are together as a family. You guys are all so awesome. Love ya!

Mary said...

I loved reading this post. you are amazing! I am glad you counting your blessings of being where you are. We do miss you and I always look forward to seeing you when you come up here for "vacation"!

Brandalyn said...

Wow, has it been a year already? I don't know if I will ever forget that day you left either.:( I'm still hoping you'll move back someday. In the meantime, I'm glad I still get to see you!