Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Junior Rodeo!

Go Cohen and Maxon!!  Thats what we were all shouting as Maxon and Cohen were about to go Mutton Bustin'.  But they weren't going to have it.  Both Cohen and Maxon opted to be safe on their feet rather than ride.  So they got lifted out of the shoot.  I really can't blame them one bit.
Olivia, on the other hand, was determined to ride the calf as she is too old to ride sheep anymore.  I was nervous about it, but Jeremy said it was up to her.  I was a wreck!  I decided to get up close to take a picture.  I don't know if that was a good thing, but I was pacing back and forth behind her shoot/cage whatever you call it and was getting sicker by the second.  Some cowboy was telling his son how to ride and I was intently listening, trying to repeat the same words to Olivia.  I kept trying to talk her out of it.  I literally was going to throw up.  First, I thought she could hold onto the calf.  Nope.  She had to hold a rope with one had and the other hand had to be in the air. Then she had to basically hold on with her thighs.  I frantically was looking for some special glove that Livvy was supposed to wear.  MAN I was UNAWARE of what this all entailed.  Before I knew it she was up.  She mentioned earlier in the afternoon that if Justin was one of the cowboys out there she knew she would be safe so - Justin of course went out for her.

I almost died, or at least felt like it as she came out of the shoot. She fell off fast and she was mad she couldn't stay on longer, but just look at her face.  All those cowboy dads came up to her and told her how brave she was to even do it.  They just kept telling her to smile -true cowgirl style.  She didn't disappoint.  And you know what I told her?  To cry.  And I picked her up and walked out.  I won't let her do that again! (but I think she agrees.)  Sometimes Livvy wants to be so tough, but she really is just a tender-hearted little girl.

She feel asleep almost instantly when we left.  I carried her inside, dirty and worn out. She is a special girl.  She worked very hard all summer and lived up to every responsibility.  I am beyond proud of her. 

Here is the video:

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Brandalyn said...

Such a cute tough little girl, look at all the awesome experiences you get to have living in Blanding! :)