Tuesday, August 14, 2012

RIP Izzie : Hello Black Ears

It all started when Jeremy took Olivia to lunch. (Every week he takes one kid to lunch.)  The hospital Chef meets each kid.  Her name is Deb.  She knew how much Olivia loves animals and suggested that Livvy take her bunny, Izzie.  Izzie was a mini Rex and was even registered with a tattoo in her ear to identify her.  She was about 6 years old.  Livvy was more than thrilled and came home to beg to have it.  A couple weeks later we decided to give her the green light for the bunny.  Deb showed up early Thursday morning with all the gear and instructions on how to care for Izzie.
Livvy loved Izzie.  She played non-stop with her, invited people to come meet her and had a playdate with Grandma's bunnies.  Although they tried to attack her, Livvy was quick to save.  She held her, loved her, and held her on the swing.  Saturday morning Livvy woke up early to check on Izzie and give her water and found that she had passed away that night.  She came in sobbing and heartbroke.  Sometimes this happens.  RIP Izzie.
It wasn't hard to give into another bunny a week later.  She wanted another Mini Rex like Izzie and Dad went to work finding the perfect one.  Stacy got him from Salt Lake and we surprised Livvy Sunday morning.  She was so happy.  His name was Izzie the 2nd.  But a day later she decided a more fitting boy name was Black Ears.  We are happy to have him in the family.  He is 6 months old and I have a feeling he will be with us for a LOOONNG time.

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