Tuesday, August 14, 2012

4H Pigs

What do you do when your daughter loves pigs and you don't quite feel the same way?  Well... you learn to love them too.  I do.  I love them for her and I love to spend this time with her.  

It is always nice when pig season comes to a close. This year has been especially difficult for me because of the new baby.  I was leaning on not doing a pig this year.  Aunt Kristi and Grandma came to the rescue.  Every morning they picked up Livvy at 6:30 or 7:30 in the morning to walk and feed pigs.  They were amazing and I can't thank them enough.  Livvy had so much fun walking them with the cousins.  It was not a chore to wake her up because she shot out of bed the moment she caught wind it was morning.  She waited patiently outside for them to pull up.  On the occasion where we forgot, she was pretty angry at us.  Livvy is a hard worker and knew what to do.

This year all the cousins named their pigs after soda pop.  Livvy's pig was a girl named Ruby Red Squirt.  She started weight at 136 and ending weight was 239.  These were a funny group of pigs, much more friendly than last year.  AND a bit more lazy according to Livvy.  We went out to take pictures for 4H so we could put them on her poster.  I got some of all the cute kids and with Cam and her Steer. Livvy did 4 hours of community service.  Painting fences and hauling hay.  She thought the hay one was the hardest thing she ever did.  She had to throw the hay up on a truck and run and jump on as it was slowly moving.  She was telling me about it and I kind of have a hard time imagining she picked up hay.  :) 

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