Tuesday, August 14, 2012

End Of Summer Swimming

Swimming lessons were super fun this year for Livvy and Cohen.  Cohen did fabulous.  He actually stayed in the water the whole lesson!  His favorite thing to do is hold his breathe underwater for a long time.  Too long in my opinion!

 Olivia did great in her class too.  Although it's more "fun" than learning in my opinion.  Livvy is really brave and sometimes I think she risks more than she should.  It makes me nervous when she over extends herself.  Livvy swims underwater and then comes up for air.  Sometimes she takes a long time to come up! 

 What did Coy do while the kids were swimming?  That's easy.  He made sure we brought a snack and he played with his buddy Addi.  He always shared with her and seriously these two are so stinking cute!  Baby Mason was just happy to just hang out.  And thanks to Grandma, many times as she was able to help me out by bringing the kids to swim so I could finish getting ready and make it there with all my kids.  What would I ever do without her? Seriously.

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