Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School!

I don't ever like my kids to be in school because I like them with me! BUT this year...with the new baby it actually is kinda exciting. My two kiddos started school Aug 16th.  MUCH too early in my opinion. BUT they looked so darn cute!  Nervous tummies were very evident in both kids and maybe mine as I took them to school to find their class.  Livvy has Mrs. Lee for 2nd grade.  Cohen has Mrs. Moulton for Kindergarten.  It is going to be a great year!

By the time Cohen and I got to school he was less nervous.  He was quite happy to be rid of me.  He got seated next to another cute red haired beauty!  To our surprise Camryn, my niece, was there in class helping out.  She went right to work reading Cohen a book.  I stood there for a few minutes watching them and then realized I was sadly out of place.  So I sneaked out.  Oh my Cohen is growing up.  When he came home he kept saying, "I wonder what I am going to learn tomorrow!?"  He will do great in school.

Camryn said Cohen was quite a funny guy in class but ALWAYS raises his had.  Apparently he just raises his hand A LOT! 
One thing that Cohen kept saying over and over was that he hoped Hayden would be in his class.  And she was!!!  These two are cute little buddies!

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