Monday, August 20, 2012

Anyone want a PIG??

 Lisa and some of her kids made it down on Saturday for the sale of the pigs.  It's so fun to play with cousins!

 Justin, Jeremy and Olivia washed the pig clean to get ready to sell.  I personally don't think Jeremy got dirty enough! 

 Livvy walked her pig in the arena and she looked so darn cute! She did such an awesome job!!  It sold for $5.25/lb to her Grandpa!!!  Market this year for pigs is $.65/lb.  She talked and talked about how her Grandpa bought it.  Thank you!! Olivia also had a donation on top of her pig for another $150 from an independent Aflac rep to support her in 4H.  It has been an amazing adventure for Olivia.
 Coy fell asleep in his blue chair for HOURS!  The fair tired him out but not Cohen!  Cohen is our engergizer bunny that keeps going.  Again, I missed pictures of his cute face because he was playing.  The only time I saw him was when he came to me asking for more money...or Grandpa for money...or Grandma...Kristi... anyone??

One of my YW, Megan Grover, Rodeo princess holding a grumpy Mason.  I sure do love all my Rodeo YW! 

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