Thursday, August 4, 2011

Livvy running SOLO

Against my gut, (Livvy begging) I let Olivia go with Steph and the Ivins crew out to the Colorado ranch for the week.  From what I heard she was great in the day but nights and mornings were a little rough.  She insisted that she needed to call me at nights and Steph had to find a special magical log that gave her just enough reception to call me.  Overall it was Olivia's favorite place to be.  She hid from me when Tiff and I drove out there to have lunch and pick her up.  This is what she looked like when I arrived.  OH BOY was she a mess. (A happy mess that is!)

The boys came for the day too.  Of course they found the mud, let's just  say some more than others.  It was an eventful ride out with coy losing his breakfast 5 minutes before we hit the destination.  There was also a mishap with the cesar salad dressing too.  We were all a dirty mess but we sure had fun.  Livvy especially.  Thanks Steph for adding one more to the clan!

 Coy was a little nervous of the edge!

Steph also had the chore of buying Livvy a set of boots.  Livvy loved these boots cause they were pink.

Jessie had Livvy ride with her while they were pushing cows.
Apprently there was enough mud to go slip 'n' sliding in.  From what I hear, this photo is the least muddy!

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