Friday, August 19, 2011

Cupcake Part II -"The Fair"

 We got to the fair grounds Wed afternoon for final weigh in.  We were afraid Cupcake and a few others were too fat to be entered.  We crossed our fingers and he only weighed 303 lbs!  (The max weight was 325)  Olivia and Avery were side-by-side all week.  Adorable.

The girls made posters and hung them up above their pigs.  Aves and Livvy's pig shared a pen.  They were in charge of keeping it clean.  They were assigned stall 31.

This is Cohen telling Jake to make funny faces while I was taking their pictures and you can guess how the next few turned out!  LOL.  OH well.  Jake is Averie's Brother.

Next Day started out washing Cupcake and getting ready for the Pig Judging.  Livvy did AMAZING!  Her pig got chosen for Star Class (meaning it was one of the best pigs). 
 I was a super proud mom.  She was nervous but she did it, no sweat, with a smile on her face.  No doubt the cutest one out there :) (I am not bias)

 Washing Cupcake wasn't my favorite but strict rules told us they had to be really clean.  So we bathed him a bunch.


 Coy was super amazing.  He did so good everyday and finally would fall asleep.  I was really proud how he held up and almost no fits!  Love him!
 This is when FUN hits the asleep.
  He was Livvy's biggest fan.

The fair had a bunch of kid games on the down time.  Cohen and Logan did the sack race.  HILARIOUS.  Somehow I missed a pic of that?!?  Ok, so you might not know this about me and to be honest I didn't know it about myself, but I won a hula hoop contest.  Yes.  Me. Who knew??  Livvy is studying to be the next champ.  The games were fun and kept us out of the heat.  Cohen and Logan also attempted the egg toss and well, you know how that ended up.  Egged.

All three days that we were at the fair Cohen was MIA.  There were a bunch of bounce houses and fun things and Cohen and his cousin Logan were side-by-side and gone for hours at a time just playing.  I was litterally shocked.  He might be more cowboy than I think.  He did awesome and got sunburned but was sooo happy.  That made me super happy cause he wasn't whining to go home and I LOOOVED him be outside.

 Livvy climbed and climbed till she made it to the top.
Oh boy.  This boy had fun. 

Sale day consisted of a lot of tears.  All day Livvy would break down and cry over her pig. It is a good lesson to learn but a very hard one for Olivia.  She has a soft spot in her heart for critters.   But she put herself together for the auction. In this pic she is in the chute, ready to walk into the arena by herself.  

 The pig was sold to Phil Lyman.  (Not a close relative to our Lyman's)  For $3.50 a pound.  She was really excited and happy because I FINALLY agreed to let her get a hermit crab with her money.
 She kept a smile on her face the whole time and she got a lot of praise for her hat! 

Brace yourself.  Sad to say this is what Olivia has looked like for days.  The tears just kept coming. At 10 pm that night, as we were leaving to go home, Averie and Livvy were laying in their pen with the arms around the pigs, sobbing.  It was a sight to see.  Daddy had to pick her up out of the cage and take her home to bed.  So my bitter sweet feeling about this whole thing is: I got to be with Livvy every step of the way.  I did it for her and I love her so much.  So proud. I don't even want to think about having ham for a while because that would make me a little sad, especially Cupcake's ham.  Enjoy Phil!

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Amber said...

Oh, Livvy is so cute!! That made me sad to see her crying. Look at you-you guys are naturals down in Blanding!