Friday, August 19, 2011

Cupcake Part I

All things must come to an end.  This one I have mixed feeling for.  Here is a glimpse of our summer with our pig.  (aka Cupcake)

4H had Livvy busy this summer. We had to do 2 hours community service which we spent painting numbers for the animal pens and painting fences at the fairgrounds.

 Addi came to support.  They had a lot of fun painting.
Then once a week for a few weeks she had 4H meeting where she learned the different parts of the pig and painted shirts and other important info with 4H.


Almost every morning (except when we were up North) we got up anywhere between 6 and 7:30 to walk the pig.  I could not have done it by myself because (frankly) I am scared of the animals. So I owe a HUGE thank you to Candice and Kathryn for going with me so I didn't have to go alone.  Candice was there every morning in case I needed her and that meant a lot.

She then had to take pictures with her pig to send out to potential buyers.  Her letter said:

To Whom It May Concern:

Hi! My name is Olivia Lyman. I am six years
old and just moved to Blanding from Cedar
Hills earlier this year! I was so excited when I
found out I could raise a pig for 4H. I love
animals and being down on my cousin’s farm.
My pig’s name is Cupcake. He is pink with
black spots.

I have loved learning all about pigs. My
cousins and I walk our pigs every morning so they can gain enough muscle. They need plenty of water
on hot days. My uncle helped me pierce his ears one day and put little cupcake earrings in to match
mine. That was the day I found out he was a boy! I guess that is why when I came the next day he had
taken them out himself!

The pigs are super funny together. They like
to be together as we walk them. It is the most
fun trying to get the pigs back in the pen!
They like to stay in the mud.

Even though I love cupcake I have learned the
purpose of raising him for 4H. I would like to
invite you to the following events:

-Judging Show: Thurs Aug 11 at 10 am.

-Buyer’s BBQ for all potential buyers: Saturday, August 13 at 11 am. (Bring this letter and it will get you
into the BBQ)

-Auction: August 13 at 1 pm.

All events will take place at the San Juan County Fairgrounds in Monticello.


Olivia Lyman

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The Milligan Blog said...

Amazing shots heather! That camera is so awesome! Livvy is beautiful!!!