Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Campout

It is always fun to be with extended family and friends but on the weekend of the 24th, at the last minute it was just us going camping.  I do have to say it was so much fun.  The kids enjoyed each other and we all had a good time.  We slept in Jeremy's parents' pop up trailer and it worked out great.  Coy loved not being in his crib.  I had fun playing with my camera.

Livvy did not like J climbing the tree. She kept telling him to get down.

Coy enjoying dinner. Can you tell?

Livvy took this picture and did a pretty good job! J hates posing but I made him. 
When we made our fire pit we lifted lots of big rocks that had all kinds of critters under them.  The kids had fun watching the creatures.

When we woke up the next morning we headed off to the Monticello parade.  It was fun and we got lots of candy.

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Jolynne said...

I must say i am impressed you went camping...and I love that pic of you and J!