Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Errands

For a while now I had all my errands up north planned for the end of July.  Coy needed a well check-up and we all had to hit the dentist off so I just happened to plan it around the Nordstrom sale. (What can I say, I am a Nordy girl!)  We were packed full of plans and ready for fun.

Maxon came to the dentist office with me and Cohen.  They sat in the chair and watched shows on the ceiling while the dentist cleaned his teeth.  The dentist even let Maxon pick out a prize from the treasure chest for being so good!

Livvy went to the dentist early that morning because she spent the day with her buddy Halle.  They went swimming and played till I finally got her late that night.  Livvy really misses her friends.

Jeremy ended up heading back to Blanding so he could work (and he took Coy with him).  After the initial feeling of guilt and missing Coy, I had so much fun.  I hung out with with Friends till late every night.

We got to celebrate Taeya and Maxon's birthday.  They both had summer water parties and it was super fun.

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