Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coy is TWO!

Ahhh...Sweet McCoy is two!  It feels like he was just born.

We had a super fun day.   Coy woke up that morning asking for his "5 balloons" that he has said he'd wanted for a week now!.  Every time you would mention the word birthday you could hear Coy shout, "5 Balloons" with his hand showing you the number 5.  We got to open his presents at lunch and Cohen thoroughly enjoyed playing with them.  :)

 The Flower Shop delivered 5 balloons for McCoy but we weren't home so they tied them to the door knob and 3 popped before we got home.  I don't think Coy minded but he did mind a little when Jeremy accidentally let the other 2 fly away!  Good thing Aunt Kristi brought 5 balloons with his birthday present!

 We hit the pool against Coy's wishes and went swimming for a bit and back home to give Coy his birthday nap.  I spent the afternoon making his cake and cake pops.  It took super long but I really was happy with the outcome.  (Thanks to Kathryn for helping me with some so we could be to the party on time!)

We headed up to the Dude Ranch for Coy's favorite meal.  Hot Dogs roasted on the fire.  We fought out the rain and we had a great time while the kids rode horses, Coy is obsessed with being on a 4 wheeler.  It was a fun family night.
 Coy loves Taylor and Baby Palmer.  Whenever we talk about a baby he says, "Baby Ulmer...Cute."

 It seems like one day I was worried he wasn't speaking and now he communicates very well.  He has NO Problem running over to tell me "Coco...hit me....Mean!"

Some facts about McCoy:
He loves Cohen and Livvy and wants to be a part of everything they do.
He needs to eat more and is super skinny.
He knows all the colors except brown and gray.
His favorite Color is Yellow.
He loves hot dogs, top ramen, and Mac & Cheese.  (Of course, nothing healthy.)
He loves meat.  No pasta or bread or anything else for that matter, just meat.
He loves to leave and go to Grandma's house.
If you mention the word 'go' he will run and get his shoes.
He likes bugs and he likes to pick them up even if it is a bee.
He will share but only if you have something he wants.  Not the other way around.
Even when he colors on the coffee table, and I get mad, he stops crying to say, "thank-you mom."
Very polite.
He loves his blanket and binky.
His favorite character is Elmo.

Dear Coy,

AHH!!  You are two and just as sweet as the day you were born. (Minus those temper tantrums you are learning about!)  I have loved to watch you grow and be like your brother and sister.  They love you very much.  My heart just melts when you show us your smile and as you are learning to be ''tough.''  You have such a big heart and love animals just like Olivia.  Be confident in all you do and know with all surety that you are loved.

Love, Mom

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Benita said...

i miss that little guy!! he is growing up to fast! I'm excited to come down in a week!