Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mason's Birthday Party

 I am sure Mason woke up not knowing it was a special day, but it was.  He was one.  I have had him for ONE whole year.  He makes our family complete.
 I am pretty much over the whole toys thing, so he got limited gifts.  One actually from me.  I am sure he will get much spoiled later in life to make up for it.  Palmer and the other kids helped him open his gifts.  He had no idea what was going on, but liked being center of attention.
 Grandma Lyman made a quilt for Maz.

 He took a long time to dive into the cake but after I put a little bit of icing in his mouth, he was sold. Happy Birthday lil'man!
 Since Mason couldn't say what he would like for his birthday dinner, we just had to choose for him.  If he could talk, he would say Manchego cheese with prosciutto on crostini bread for appetizer. 
 Tortilla de patata with salsa brava and paella mixta for the main course.  Super yummy!!

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