Friday, June 28, 2013

Beni Bop and her Baby Bop

Still can't really believe that Benita is having a baby! Reality is starting to hit because we had a cute, fun baby shower for her!  Megan, her BFF, did most of ground work.  It was a super cute idea to go along with the baby's room.  Baseball!!  It was so nice to have sisters!  #missing2

Nicole (B's friend) had the shower at her house in Lehi.  We put Mason down for a nap in a big crib with cute bumpers.  Apparently he didn't know what to do with bumpers so he used them as a pillow.  Seems logical to me!

We had lots of fun and Benita got lots of great stuff for the baby.  It was so fun for me to spend the weekend with her too.  I miss her guts.

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