Friday, June 28, 2013

Farm Days

Every other year we have Farm Days.  It's where everyone brings their animals with their babies for everyone to come see with many other activities.  Our friend Steph helps put this on, so of course Olivia got excused from school for 2 days to help out.  She was in charge of passing out baby chicks.  She was in heaven, especially with BFF Averie by her side.

 The boys went off exploring the other animals together while Mace was checking out the chicks and baby ducks.  He actually held one and snuggled with it and then pretty much threw it back at me.  Candice came to help me out with the boys.  It was so great.

 One of my YW, Brooklyn, can spot a baby a million miles away so she took Mason for a while.  Love that girl!

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