Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Alice in Wonderland" Dance Recital

Livvy's dance recital came to a close.  I love dance.  I love to watch Olivia dance around in a costume.  She is so stinking cute I couldn't help but beam.  Kailee and Livvy were dance buddies all year.  Their dance was Allice in Wonderland.  Do I even have to tell you what Livvy wanted to be?  The white rabbit of course and Kailee was the mad hatter.

Spring was her dance teacher.

My boys were intensly watching every dance.  Cohen kept being so proud of all the girls he recognized in the dances from his class.  He thought they were brave.  Coy just loved watching.  It's Blanding so let's be honest.  The dance recital wasn't that long. 
Coy really wanted to take a pic in front of the popcorn props.  He sure does love popcorn!!

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