Sunday, June 23, 2013

Girls trip in Cedar Hills

We have been trying since November to plan a girls trip but we had so many things come up with babies and such we decided to do our girls trip when Lawni came up for a visit!
The girls stayed at Alyson's so much of the time playing around and coming up with new dance routines that they invited the adults to.  It worked out great and was fun to watch.   The oldest Brynn is pretty much amazing spending a lot of time with the younger ones!

With all the girls around we couldn't help but make Cade dress up.  Doesn't he look so pretty!  Poor guy is going to kill Lawni one day!  Look at those blue eyes!!

We all hit up Iceburg to get some ice cream.  Livvy is loving doing back bends!

Then we hit the pool.  Well, I didn't but the rest did! I had no little kids so I didn't have to watch after small people in the water!  BRR!

Then we all went to dinner at of course Brick Oven!  It's always fun to get out with these girls!

During the weekend, Brielle had a loose tooth.  So I asked her if I could feel it.  It had been bugging her for a while so when I "felt" it, I just pulled it right out!  Well then Taeya said she had a loose tooth and I pulled that one out too.  So glad I could help.  ha ha!

What an awesome weekend.  Late nights, lots of soda, lots of girl time and lots of laughter, not to mention craziness! 

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