Monday, July 28, 2014

Surgery Day is Here

To say these days were hard is an understatement.  They were hard in so many ways.  I hated the fact I couldn't be there to take care of my kids.  I hated that they didn't understand what was going on and hated that I felt that way.  I hated how the surgery took way longer than it was supposed to and all I could do was wait.  The way I handled this stress was to be by myself.  I went shopping for the better part of the day.  I got my nails done.  Weird? Maybe.  But sitting there wasn't an option for me.  I drove around beautiful Salt Lake knowing I had so much to be grateful for.  I prayed all day that everything would be OK.  I remember taking huge deep breathes all day to stay calm.  When I got back to the waiting room with my bag full of "to do's" that my friends put together for me, the minutes just seemed to drag by.  Finally, after being the last person in the waiting room, they sent me back. The magnitude of this invasive surgery hit me at random times and mostly on the drive to and from the hospital.  During every day I was there Jeremy kept me busy.  He was an ornery patient. Of course not his fault, but the days were long and he wasn't himself.

Finally a few days later, the turning point came when pain was subsiding and he could start to walk. He was determined to get out of there.  We walked back and forth in those halls and it was very humbling.  Health is a blessing you don't realize until you don't have it.  We were so grateful for the kind staff and patient docs. Many of Jeremy's friends found time to stop by and tell Jeremy hi.  It was good for Jeremy's spirit- well - that and having me go on food runs to places he wanted me to eat.  He was not able to eat much of anything - strict diet for the next two months!   Peace Out Huntsman!  Of course I had to drive off the curb at Noelle's house and the tire popped.  It just felt that we were never going to make it home.  At least the patient Jeremy started to return and he didn't get mad at me.  LOL.

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