Monday, July 21, 2014

Livvy is being "crushed" on...

Everyone has their first crush, but Olivia was not expecting hers and notes upon notes started showing up at our house. She actually shed so many tears.  She just wanted him to stop liking her!  After all she was too young to like someone!  haha.  This girl cracks me up and I hope she stays that way forever.  I finally convinced her to talk face to face after I drove home and saw Conner walking away from our house with a "no response" from Olivia.  He had his head down and was walking his bike slowly back to his house.  I felt bad for him and stopped and told him Livvy would respond soon.  So Olivia got all her courage up and went out to meet him.  She told him she was too young and she liked him as a friend and didn't want to date until she was 16.  He accepted her answer, but a few hour later he came back said he wanted to date her now.  (Really???  They are 9!!) Anyway, later that year Conner's mom told me that she had broken his heart.  Um, so, I tried to feel bad about it but I didn't.  I can wait a long long time before she needs to date no matter how many hearts she breaks in the meantime.

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