Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A 4H Summer

Summer is over and I had lots of help this year with 4H!  I am completely intimidated when I pull up to walk pigs and I see this gathering of horses.  Good thing Grandma is there to chase them out of the field.  When the pigs get out and the horses are nearby, they are one big tangled mess!

Livvy loves everything about being at the field.  Every day Livvy would go and check on the kittens and pray that the coyotes didn't get them.   Cohen struggles finding things he likes.  But he does know that is where he needs to be and does his best...sometimes.

The kids love being there with their cousins and Mason is the perfect tag-a-long and usually ends up playing with the kittens.  They follow him around and it is the cutest thing ever!

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