Saturday, August 9, 2014

County Fair - Pig SALE!

 Fair time!  I was not looking forward to the fair.  Mostly because I knew I had to do it by myself with lots of help from friends and Candice and Jed.  Jeremy was down and out.  But it was everything it always was.  So many people helped out with the pigs.  Cohen and Olivia did really well.  As long as Coy had a dollar in his pocket he was off buying all kinds of junk.  Popcorn, cotton candy and an endless supply of snow cones!

 Stacy watched Mason a lot!  She brought him to the fair almost everyday.  He had plenty of treats too!  Palmer and Mason are about the cutest buddies ever.  You can see their friendship start to develop.

 Olivia's pig was super friendly this year.  He let her sit on him all the time with not much resistance.  She loved this one.  As always, she had a hard time saying goodbye after he was sold.  Let's just say Cohen didn't.

 Jeremy insisted he was fine to go and just sit and watch the auction.  Well, he wasn't.  By that night we were in the ER with bleeding... He has never been down quite like this before and it was hard for him to be down.

All the work, pain, joy, time, mud and poop... the year is finally over.  Coy is beyond excited to do his own pig next year.

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