Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to School

It is crazy how fast school came on us. Livvy is in 4th Grade, Cohen in 2nd and Coy starting Kindergarten.  3 kids in school now!  That's going to have to be an adjustment.

Cohen!  I love my Cohen so much!!  He is my oldest boy - biggest man.  Huge heart and he rocks the whole school thing.  He loves it so much and hates long periods of time where he thinks he is missing something to learn.  Kids flock to him like no other.  He's funny! He is going to rock Mrs. Lee's class no question!

Olivia is about as sweet as they come and it's not long before she is loved by her teacher Mrs. Crofts and Olivia loves her.  She says it's the best year yet!
Olivia and KayLea Spillman
This boy has my heart.  I had so many feelings about him starting Kindergarten.  Will kids be nice?  Will the teacher be supportive and sensitive?  Oh man.  The day I was dreading was on me way sooner than I thought.  I really had to put faith in my Heavenly Father for this one.  It worked. I had prepared him all I could with how to deal with all the questions people would have about his skin condition.  I had to leave it. And believe me, it was hard to walk away.  Coy isn't like any of my others in a way.  He is super social and he would rather laugh in the rain than run for cover. He is strong.  He knows who he is.  His heart is tender and his feelings are huge.  You can always find a friend in Coy.  I have faith in that.  He got the best teacher I could ever hope for.  Mrs. Parker.  She loved him and showed love to all her students.

One day I got a text from Mrs. Parker. It read, "True story... Today I was giving clues about the topic of a book we were going to read today about our shadow..clues like - it is something that follows - its wherever we go and can only be around when there is light.  McCoy raised his hand in absolute eagerness and answered "The Holy Ghost" with such conviction it warmed my heart!"  That is pretty much Coy in a nutshell.  He is close to the spirit and I know it and he knows it.
Luke Jones, Luke Jeppson and McCoy.

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