Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What really happens...Christmas Sunday

The true story behind taking family shots... First I have to remind them that getting a good picture is important to me so I can always remember them and their cute little faces. Then if that doesn't work, I bribe them with a little bit of candy. And FINALLY if that doesn't work, I give J that "do something and make our kids smile" look and it happens. Beautiful kids. So grateful for them I have no other words than that. Love my family with all my heart. So blessed.

 Focus kids!  Focus!  Smile! Coy look here, MASON!!!!  Livvy? Come on Coco, let me see that cute smile!
My friend Patrica ran over here to take the family shot.  I just kept telling her to keep ...on...snapping!!

"COHEN! Don't bug Livvy.  Livvy look here and SMILE!!"

"Here Coy, hold this present I got you for a picture.  Now SMILE."  That was easy until I realized that he thought I was going to let him open it.  I had to tell him what a prop was and he was NOT happy.
Then he thought he could sneak and try to open it.  It's tough being a kid!!
Then we had to talk about it.
Then we made up.  LOVE Coy.

"Head down a little, smile with your teeth, look at me...ah perfect!"

This is about all I could get from Mason, but I think it's a keeper.  Such an adorable baby. 

Like I said, it's worth it.  All of it.  Oh man, I do have a lot of kids.

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