Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Performance

Livvy had her cute Christmas performance.  She has been exited about it for a long time.  Livvy and some other students got chosen to sing a special musical number, "I'll Have A Blue Christmas."  She practiced a lot at home and couldn't wait to show off.  I kept trying to hint to her on stage to smile and she would nod her head at me but then I realized when I put Mason in her line of sight a big smile would appear on her face.  Seriously, who wouldn't smile at this handsome guy!  BLONDE BLONDE hair!

When the performance was over Averie and Livvy came home to play.  They knocked down all the icicles from the house and were freezing.  I tried to get a smile out of Averie but she was in the mood for silly faces.  Love these girls!

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