Thursday, January 3, 2013

RIP Curtis

It was very unexpected. Very heartbreaking. A lot harder than I could have imagined. Curtis passed away a few weeks ago. We had just finished up with Cohen's allergy testing when we got the call. Jeremy let him out when he got home and called him back in a few minutes later.  He didn't come so J went back inside.  Then went out to call him again and Curtis made it back to our porch and died.  Needless to say Livvy was especially heartbroken.  I got him as a gift Christmas morning from Jeremy and his parents our first Christmas together.  He was 10 years old. 

Curtis was loved.  I always claimed him as a nuisance but I knew I could never be rid of him.  He lived and played with all my kids.  Mason just barely started noticing Curtis and tried to pull him to eat him and I meant to get a picture but the house was a mess and Maz was still in his pj's for the day so I was going to do it "later."  So sad I waited. 

Livvy really like to play house with Curtis.  He has been dressed up, dolled up, and tied up to do whatever Olivia wanted at the time.  He was willing most of the time.  He slept with her every night.  Livvy has had a hard time with the adjustment.  She just starts crying at times she knew Curtis was supposed to be with her.  She wrote a letter to express what she felt.  It made me cry.   Love her tender heart.  It reads:

To Jesus:
From: Olivia Lyman
 My dog died yesterday.  He was ten. Yesterday was December 4th.  His birthday was October 17.  Can you send me a letter back saying why he died.  He's white with short hair.  He's small. My mom and dad got him a year before I was born. I won't stop crying.   Love, Livvy

Curtis liked to sit under my chair to hide from the kiddos.  haha.

Coy with Curtis.

This is baby Olivia and Curtis. 

Baby Cohen and Curtis.

We will miss you Curtis!


Danelle said...

Oh. That post made me cry. I am so sad for Livvy and the rest of your family. Curtis was a very lucky dog to be part of your cute family. Hugs to you all.

R Clan said...

That tugged at my heart a little. You have such a cute family. Love you!