Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mason 8 months

This baby makes me soooo happy.  He is such a happy, chill baby.  He LOVES to be out.  He just stares and looks all over.  Definitely a people watcher.  He started to REACH for ME!  I could just eat him up and I never get tired of taking pictures of him.  He loves everyone as long as I am not in eyesight.  He is starting to really want me to hold him always.  Most of the time I don't mind but I do have many chores to do!  I find myself ducking behind walls and crawling behind couches.  I think to myself, what the heck?!  But moms do it.  I know it.

 When Mason is happy his eyes light up!  I love it.  Cohen can make Mason smile at anytime.  Cohen is great to play with him and always makes sure he has toys.  I can tell the difference between when Cohen is playing with him and when Livvy is.  Livvy likes to contain him.  She takes him in her room and sets up a little "cage" of blankets and puts things around him.  Cohen on the other hand rips off the binky clip right away and chucks every toy away from him so he can just focus on Cohen.  Cohen makes him laugh and laugh.  Mason is really good at telling you when to back off (Cohen knows this).  If he growls or grunts at you, back off or he will start crying.  It's really a good and fair warning as far as I'm concerned.
 I think he looks like me in this picture.

 One thing Livvy is trying to teach Mason is to walk.  It's a little before his time, I think, but he is loving standing.  Another pastime is still putting EVERYTHING in his mouth.  He ate half of Cohen's homework and the other day when I was making notes on a sticky note and Maz was on my lap, I couldn't find the note a few minutes later.  Mason ate it!!!  I pulled some of it out of his mouth but I am pretty sure he ate most of it.  Oh well.  Guess I didn't need those notes after all.  LOVE this kid.  He makes our family happy.

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Brandalyn said...

So so cute of little Mason! I can't believe how blond his hair is. It makes me sad that he doesn't even know me.:(