Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pregnancy Update

This is really hard to make out but this was the best picture from all my ultrasounds!  This little guy did NOT want his picture taken.  But if you can see-- it is a side profile of his face facing up.  He has chubby cheeks!  Can you see him?

I am 33 weeks and the cravings just don't stop!  I love anything citrus but especially anything lemon.  I am so grateful that Jeremy will indulge me. He has cut up many a pineapples for me and made many many meals for me spur of the moment.  I have no idea how I eat so much but I do and I am OK with it.  Not to mention I am a candy freak!  Normally I hardly ever touch chocolate or dessert but definitely not when I am prego. He made me this Lemon Spaghetti and Lemon Greek frozen yogurt.  OH! If you are looking for a lemon shake, Thanksgiving Point has one to die for.  I crave it everyday. sigh.
Lemon Pull-apart Bread (I made this!!! ME!!  I was so nervous and stressed about it but it turned out sooo yummy!)
It is no wonder why I have gained the weight I have. Oh well!  The bad part of the pregnancy is I can't be on my feet.  The pressure and weight of the baby is killing my legs and I pretty much hobble to and from anywhere I have to go.  I only have a small amount of time left and I am soo excited for our buddy to be here!  I bet J is excited too because of all my complaining!  I kinda feel sorry for Jeremy having to pick up so much slack but... nah ...Love him!  P.S.  If anyone has a lemon recipe feel free to send it my way....just sayin'.

Next on the food agenda is Lemon Crapes for Conference weekend.  I almost can't wait!

Oh and for the record, Coy's baby is doing well too.  Just him and me are prego and sometimes his baby hurts his tummy too.  But he doesn't anticipate any kind of delivery. 


Tiffany P. said...

So that explains why Cash came home from yout house with a baggie of lemon jelly beans! You are ADORABLE pregnant, and I wish my junk food cravings were limited to pregnancy only.

Jolynne said...

I can't wait to meet him! Can you tell me his name yet?

stacy said...

Hey I made that lemon pull-apart bread a couple months ago. You must have done it better because I thought mine was only ok, but not amazing. I didn't realize you were so into citrus. I've been obsessed with it ever since I was pregnant. A friend of mine that's also way into everything citrus is coming into town next week and we've got a "citrus party" in the works, where we'll just have a bunch of yummy citrus based foods/treats. Once we decide when we're going to do it I'll let you know!