Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weekend with Livvy

 We wanted to come to Taeya's baptism so we decided to make a weekend of it!  We called our besties Avery and Joy and spent the day together.  We couldn't decide what to do at first, but then it hit Joy to head up and do the Alpine Slide.  We called and they were going to close in 45 minutes and we were about that far away.  Desperately, after our nails were done we drove fast and Joy dropped us off at the entrance.  We ran all the way through the resort which was jammed packed with some kind of Festival going on.  It was too late.  It was closed.  Joy wasn't about to take no for an answer, and went to the window and pleaded our case.  WE WON!  They called up to keep the lift going so we could take a ride.  They were so kind.  A few of the workers were not very happy with us though.  We had to do some fast talking!  Joy and I went first, then Liv and Aves.  When Livvy got to the bottom, a worker came in fast behind her and couldn't stop in time and slammed into Livvy pretty hard.  It scared the crap out of me!  He felt so, so bad.  After Livvy's tears were gone, we decided to eat and enjoy the beautiful views.  It is so fun to be with friends you love.

On the way down from Brighton Ski Resort, we noticed we were empty.  We were freaking out that there was no way we would make it.  ha ha!  Such a fun, laugh filled night.  We miss these friends.

Taeya's baptism was so great.  She is absolutely adorable and we are proud of the choices she makes in her life to be good and be baptized.  Brandalyn always tries to make it to our big events so I was so happy I could be there for her.  We love them like family.

Brandalyn, me an Rebecca

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