Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day! LoVe

Valentine's Day is pretty busy for me and I LOVE it!  I usually wait till the last minute to think of what kind of scavenger hunt I am going to do for the kids.  Plus Jeremy is super busy at the hospital's dinner cooking food for the town of Blanding!  Do I sound bitter?  I'm not.  He's only done it for the past 3 years.  But it makes him happy and that makes me happy.
This was my best attempt to make Olivia's hair "Valentiny."
This year I printed out all the Valentine's clues and glued them to the back of Princess playing cards.  The first stop was Stacy's house where we picked up Palmer.  All the clues had a task to fill before they were handed the next stop.  Mason can't help but point out every bug and Stacy was more then happy to show love by seeing it!

Cohen LOVES spy stuff and clues make him sooo excited.  He was definitely fast!  I really need to make them harder next year.  We ended up at a friend's house that had a bounce house and many other fun places including Grandma's house where they ate dinner as part of a task.

Tradition has it I always make breakfast for dinner for the kids on V-Day.  Heart shaped things as much as possible.  I even tried hearts with Bacon.  YUM!  A pink drink and strawberries are a must!

I am so lucky to have these kids!!!  After the kids ate, Grandma and Grandpa babysat so I could join Stacy and some friends down at the hospital to eat a delish dinner made with love by my hubby.  He even made an appearance to give me a kiss!!

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