Saturday, February 15, 2014

Natural Bridges

Another Saturday means another hike!  We headed South and it was much warmer.  Jeremy took us to Natural Bridges.  It was a lot of fun.  Some parts were a little scary and had me sweating a little, but it was soo much fun!

The kids learned about all the Indian writings on the rock and they saw lots of natural bridge formations.

One Elderly gentleman was walking up the trail as we were walking down.  He passed Jeremy and the kids and then stopped me.  He asked why I let my little girl pack a gun on her belt.  It was true. She was wearing a little BB gun. Olivia has been shooting with her dad numerous times using a BB Gun and she likes to wear it (unloaded).  She is very careful with it whether it is loaded or not and doesn't take it out to play with it or point it at anything except with her Dad.  I tried to explain that to this guy, that is was an unloaded BB Gun and she was safe.  This did not satisfy the man.  He told me in some unkind words that she was not safe and she should not be allowed anything and that no one should carry a gun on trails.  This made me sad more than anything.  I couldn't get away fast enough from this yelling man.  I was grateful for the gun in case he attacked me!  So grateful that we have the right to carry arms in America.

It was pretty steep at times and Coy did awesome!  So did Jeremy with the baby!  I was stinking nervous!

Selfies with my handsome boys!!

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