Sunday, February 23, 2014

Olivia turns 9

Olivia turns 9!  I have had the best 9 years with the pretty girl!  She is the most down-to-earth girl you will ever meet and so much fun.  You want this girl on your team because she is a WINNER!

All Olivia's Aunts bought her an American Girl Doll Horse, and needless to say she was super excited about it. I also bought her an iPod so she was quite spoiled today!

She was definitely in Heaven singing away to her favorite tunes on her birthday!

Dear Olivia,

Your are tuning into the most beautiful young lady, inside and out.  Your favorite color is teal and you love food just like your dad.  We are blessed every day with your kind nature.  I love watching you show love to your brothers by spending time with them and teaching them things.  Being the only girl, you bring a softness to our home.  I have loved watching your testimony grow.  For the first time ever you are getting an opinion about what you want to wear.  In our family photo above, this outfit was going to be the one and I tried to match everyone around it!  You have spent so much time in the wilderness this year and with Grandma's pony, Chiquita.  It is amazing how much that has shaped you! You have had a bunny and a hermit crab die this year.  Your tears fell fast and it shows how much you love those creatures.  Heavenly Father knew I needed you in my life and you make my whole heart happy!!  I love you soo much Miss 9-year-old-girl!!  Every year with you only gets better.  Maybe we could skip the teen years though?  Every now and then I get a glimpse of this inner-attitude you have and I am afraid.  HAHAHA!!  NAH!


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