Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Livvy is 8!

 I am not sure how it came to be that Olivia is now 8 but she sure is one amazing little girl!  She had a fun & relaxing birthday.  She slept in late and Cohen could barely contain his excitement for Olivia to open her gifts.  I actually think he was more excited than her!   Olivia made sure her hermet crab Aztec was there to watch her open gifts. 

 She loved the spurs that her dad picked out for her.  She can not wait for summer so she can start riding horses again.

Dear Livvy,

I was so excited for you to turn 8.  For a few reasons actually... One reason is because you are so ready.  They say that by the time a child turns 8 they will fundamentally know everything there is to know.  I guess that should scare me, but not with you Olivia!  Heavenly Father has blessed you with a kind heart.  Even last night I heard you sneaking around to tidy up the kitchen and living room so I could be surprised in the morning.  I LOVED that!  You have a love for God's creations.  A few weeks ago, you and I got to have an amazing talk.  You have grasped Heavenly Father's plan for you.  You understand about trials and you taught me something.  You recognized your brother's trials and you asked what your trials were.  I believe that you think about others so much that you forget what your own struggles are.  If you hold on to anything I hope you hold on to the service and love you give others.  Not many girls walk into a room and announce you have open arms ready to take a baby!  What a good mama you will be!  You are not a little girl anymore and you take on a lot of responsibility.  It makes me laugh that you HATE school so much because you are so ready and eager to learn!  Life can't be all spent in the field!  I love you, Miss Livvy!!!


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